In this video, John Chow is showing his monthly YouTube revenue. John Chow is making over $100K per month online from his blog.

In this video John Chow is showing his November 2016 Month revenue from his YouTube channel. You will be shocked to know that he has earned just $339.42 in the month of November from his YouTube channel.

Then how can he make over $100,000 per month from YouTube? Where is the rest of the money?

Well, John uses YouTube to generate quality leads for his online business. And he makes majority of money by selling high ticket products on the backend on which he earns upto $10,000 per sale like big ticket commissions.

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YouTube helps him to brand himself and put him in the authority position and generate quality leads. So he earns peanuts of money from advertising business model. However, he earns big money from a top tier online business model in the backend.

If you ever want to become successful online then you should sell high ticket products in the backend. This is the ultimate online business model to make huge profits.

John Chow’s best day was when he made $30,000 online before 9AM in the morning! His another best day was when he made $17,000 commissions while doing a dot com dinner!

All this big money he makes from selling the high ticket backend products on which he earns upto $10,000 per sale commissions. So selling advertisements should not be the only online business model you should have.

You can also use the exact same online business model and done for you system that John is using to make over $100K per month online.

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