Matt Lloyd has decided to sue a competitor. According to him, these people were trashing him and his company MOBE by posting fake and bad reviews about him and his company and its products on the internet. And this is the reason why finally he has decided to sue one of his competitor company. He has probably filed a lawsuite in Vancouver, Canada (At least that is what he told via his one of the email followup post).

It’s good to be back after more than 3 weeks on the road.  During those 3 weeks I went to Vancouver, Canada (to do a deposition for the lawsuit we have filed against a competitor , then spent a week in Costa Rica to check on the construction of new our resort in Costa Rica, and then to St. Kitts for our last of 8 Mastermind events in 2016.

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Such kind of negative review writing on the internet is very common. Most of these bad reviews about MOBE come from the people who have never tried its any of the products or services.

One of the Top earners in MOBE name John Chows says about MTTB scam that rather than others to decide your life, why don’t you try MTTB by paying just $49 fees and going through its all the 21 steps? There is nothing to lose in it because after going throigh all 21 steps if you feel that its not for you then you can get back the refund of your $49 and get back to your own life!

John Chow has made over $2.5 million in commissions from MOBE and all his clients are very happy with MOBE’s backend products.

Many people without ever trying, call MOBE a pyramid scheme while they don’t have any idea about What actually MOBE is and how it has helped thousands of people around the world to earn a living from the internet?

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