The guy in the photo is Kevin Klaus. He is the former construction field employee living in long island later on turned to online entrepreneur. Just couple of days back he made $30,000 in his online business. Here is what the founder of his top tier online business company Matt Lloyd has said in one of his email newsletter.

I want to give a shout out to Kevin Klaus as well, one of our Diamond consultants.

Until recently, he’d not made money in MOBE.

Then he invested in a 3 day mentorship program we offer, where we had someone fly to his house to teach him how to market.

Using what he applied, he then promote the I.M. Freedom workshops in Singapore which were held a few weeks ago.

He spent $2,000 in total for this marketing.

Today, one of his clients at the HBS moved forwards and got Silver – Diamond, plus a group mentorship program that was offered.

Kevin just made $30,000.  When we called him to break the news, he was ecstatic!

When you become the MOBE consultant (Affiliate partner), you can promote its live events online and earn high ticket commissions upto to $10,000 per sale.

So making your first $100K will require to sell just 10 platinum mastermind programs. If you want to start your online business from your home then you should join MOBE and start promoting its high ticket products online. You will be provided all kind of tools, training and support to start your online business with MOBE.

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