In this video the MOBE founder Matt Lloyd is showing the inside of the MOBE’s new headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The work is half way done. It’s now almost 3 months MOBE office is rennovating.

MOBE office is 6500 Sq.feet wide commercial space. Matt is planning to rentout half of this space to startup entrepreneurs in Kuala lumpur and half will be used for MOBE itself.

Last time when I reported, the brick and mortar work in the MOBE office was going on. This video shows more in depth look of the 3 months work done.

There will be a reception area, seminar room, starbucks like cafe and many more things will be inside this office. Matt is also showing the view of world famous Petronas towers from the inside of his office.

Once you will enter into the office by reaching there through the eleveter, you will be able to see the nice skyline of the city behind its large reception area.

There will also be a board room with big conference table inside this office. The board room will also have the book shelf and the big projector TV in it.

The other side of the office will be rented out to the other startup entrepreneurs and as a part of the rent agreement they will also be able to use the board room of MOBE’s office.

This is MOBE’s first property acquisition. The other property MOBE has acquired is – Beach resort in Costa rica for its future mastermind live events.

Apart from these two properties, MOBE is also planning to acquire one or two resort properties in Thailand and Fiji.

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