Dean Broadwater is the former corporate accountant turned to online entrepreneur. He and his wife Meagan are living in a town Norton, Ohio. They have 3 beautiful children.

Meagan is a stay home mom. She is also a network marketing star. Her passion in life is to help other business owners leverage the incredible power of social media. When she’s not rocking her business you can usually find her running all over the planet managing her kids busy schedules, and day dreaming about the beach.

Dean Broadwater brings quality traffic to his online businesses through the various social media platforms.

Here are the various social media profiles of him.

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Recently Dean also won the 7th price in $20K online contest. He made 15 sales in one online contest known as 7FFF contest.

Dean is using one done for you system that generates thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale he makes. You can also use the exact same system to start your 6 & 7 figure online business from scratch.

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