The guy in the video is Ven Harpal. Recently he won Tag Heuer watch from MOBE contest. The contest was about promoting MOBE’s new front end product – 7 Figure Freedom Formula.

Ven made whooping 51 sales and got second prize in the entire $20,000 7FFF contest.

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The personal story of Ven is very inspirational.

I was just an ordinary guy who didn’t have any background in making money online or internet marketing, but I had big dreams and the desire to live an extraordinary life.

After trying a lot of things and making costly mistakes, I finally figured out how to live my dream lifestyle and earn a 7 figure income online.

Ven is basically promoting 21 steps done for you system on which he is making upto $10,000 per sale like big ticket commissions. You can also use the exact done for you system that he is using to make millions of dollars online.

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