MOBE founder Matt Lloyd is at his home near Perth, Australia to enjoy Christmas. His parents are living in a small town which is 5 hours drive from Perth, Australia. Its a very small town having a population of just 25 people!

Matt Lloyd was born in this small town and ultimately he built the multi-million dollars online business.

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Here is what Matt has told in his recent Newsletter

I’m now writing this to you from Perth, and tonight I’m flying all night to Fiji, to spend the next 5 days on the island here in this photo.

Looks like a nice spot for a holiday right?  But I’m actually going there more for business reasons.  There’s a small resort which I’m looking to acquire in 2017, for the purpose of hosting MOBE masterminds in.

We’ve already got our first resort in Costa Rica.  But we need another one that’s closer to our Australia / Asia side-of-the-world clients.

If I do move forwards with this deal, it will be by FAR the biggest investment I’ve made in my entire life.  More than 20 times bigger than any other investment I’ve done.

So I’m spending a few days on site to really think things through.

The other reason I’m going is to have some peace and quiet to think about my 2017 plans.

MOBE is planning to acuire new resort property in Thailand or Fiji or both.

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MOBE has scheduled its many of the future live events in its newly acquired beach resort at Costa Rica. These live events are fun and you can learn lots of things about taking your online business to the next level. Not only this but you can also make upto $10,000 commissions by promoting these live events.

To attend these live events, you need to be the MOBE affilate partner and finish it 21 steps online training with your personal coach. After this training you will be able to start your online business as well as attend any of these mastermind live events.

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