This is the amazing video in which the founder of MOBE Matt Lloyd is giving best traffic conversion tips in traffic conversion summit. He is explaining various skills that you are required to start your online business from scratch.

Skill: 1 Traffic Generation skill

According to Matt Lloyd, if you want to start your online business from scratch then the first skill you should learn is the traffic generation skill. You should learn at least one traffic method and master that traffic method to generate quality traffic for your online business. The surest way to generate traffic is – paid traffic. So according to him you should start learning putting paid advertisements on the internet so that you can bring the targeted traffic on your websites, landing pages and offers.

In my personal opinion, you can also go for traffic methods like blogging which will be a bit of time consuming. However, blogging solves multiple purposes. It also puts you in the authority position apart from generating traffic. Not only this but your blog will help you to generate more quality leads.

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Skill: 2 List Building & Email Followups Skill

The second important skill you should learn is list building and email followups skill. The money is not in the list but its in the relationship that you build with your list.

So you should regularly send the valuable content to your email list and build a positive relationship with them so that they trust you more and buy whatever you promote them.

Matt Lloyd also explains in a great detail that which are the 7 things that you should focus on for the increased conversion? Here are they.

  1. Story Based Email
  2. Watch more in video…

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