Feza Sengul is London based internet entrepreneur and success coach. In this video he reveals that how he has made $8,792 from his online business?

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This is not the first time happened with him. This is happened with him third time when he has made over $8,000 0nline with just one single sale!

The reason why he makes such a big money for every single sale online is because of the top tier online business model he uses. The done for you system and top tier business model he uses gives him upto $10,000 per sale commissions. And that’s why making 6 figure income online is all about making just few sales for him.

This is the power of top tier business model. You don’t have to sell $10 ebooks in huge volume to generate 6 figure income. That’s a lot of hard work and next to impossible to find 10,000 customers who will buy $10 product from you.

Instead you sell high ticket products and make upto $10,000 per sale like commissions. So to make $100K, you will need to make just 10 sales which is lot more easier than finding 10,000 customers who will pay you $10.

You can use the exact same system that Feza is using to start making full time income online by working part time on it.

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