The dot com lifestyle means you have the complete freedom of time, money and location. Most of the people in this world work hard for money freedom. However, one day in their life they realize that they now have a money freedom but they don’t have time and location freedom.

In this video, John Chow, the multi-millionaire online blogger has visited to 10 10 Lounge in LA. There he met two beautiful models –  Daria Dali and Dr. Gauhar Moldahmetova.

Here is what he wrote in his blog post,

On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I took the Tesla Model X on the car pool lane all by myself to LA for a party at the Ten Ten Lounge. Being able to use the car pool lane solo is one of the coolest features of driving an EV in California. It really cuts the travel time during rush hour.

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