Tiji Thomas is the former corporate employee turned to online entrepreneur. In this video he is telling his entire story and how he started making full time income online and started living a dot com lifestyle of time, money and location freedom?

I’m originally from Philadelphia and moved to the Houston area after meeting my wonderful wife. We have been married 16 years and have two amazing children.

I have my degree in math and engineering, but I’ve been attracted to sales and the selling process pretty much my entire life. I have had part time sales jobs almost my entire working career until I went full time about 12 years ago. (Scroll down below to go to an article that was written about me years ago when I was starting in the coaching industry)

In the last 12 years, I have produced over $150,000,000 in revenues for my company.

I have produced as much as $150,000 in two weeks using the same system that I teach my students.

He started his online business with MOBE and then never looked back. Today he is earning full time income from his MOBE business while traveling the world with his family. He has also got a FREE brand new Mercedes Benz from MOBE Motors program.

MOBE is the ultimate done for you system that pays you from $1250 to $10,000 per sale like big ticket commissions. So you need to make just few sales to make your first $100K online. If you also want to start making full time income online like Tiji then you should join MOBE.

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