In the previous post, I have told that – MOBE founder Matt Lloyd is flying to Fiji probably to acquire new resort property for future live events.

Today Matt send the newsletter from Fiji. He is fine in Fiji and saw one resort property in Fiji and tomorrow moving to another island in Fiji to see the next property.

MOBE has already acquired its first beach resort property in Costa Rica for its future live events which is under construction.

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Bula from Fiji!  Today’s my last day on this island – tomorrow I’m going to another one.

If you haven’t been to Fiji, you’ve got to go.  We’ve actually done 2 Platinum Masterminds here because people love it so much.

I’m here to make a decision on a resort I’m looking to acquire for MOBE in 2017.  If you’re connected to me on Snapchat (my ID is ‘mattlloydmobe’) you would have seen my videos from the past 24 hours, where I give you a tour (random note; you would have also seen live footage of a turtle which came up on shore at 2am last night near my room, and gave birth in the sand!)

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Fiji is one of the exotic destination for holding MOBE’s future mastermind live events.

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