Chan Aik Hoon is the nurse living in Singapore. In this video she is explaining her story that how she became online entrepreneur after suffering from viral lung infection?

She started learning how to make money online after her illness. She tried several different things and ultimately landed into direct response marketing and internet marketing industry where she started her online business with MOBE.

Not only this but once upon a time she made $30,000 in commissions from MOBE in just 4 days. She also got her FREE dream car Chevrolet Cruze from MOBE motors program.

And do you know that what’s suprising about this $30,000 in commissions?

Well, she earned this much of big commission from just two sales. Yes, right. Just two sales and she made $30K in commissions. This is the power of high ticket affiliate marketing also known as HTAM.

You can earn upto $15,000 per sale like big ticket commissions with MOBE’s done for you system. Today when I am writing this blog post, MOBE has paid over $75 million in commissions to its affiliates from all around the world.

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