I am writing this blog post because I have read lots of fake reviews about Matt Lloyd on the internet. These are the reviews posted by people who have never tried any of the products from Matt Lloyd and his company MOBE. All those reviews are posted by people who don’t have any knowledge about businesses, investing, online business and wealth generation. So this is a detailed and honest review about Matt Lloyd.

Who is Matt Lloyd?

Matt Lloyd is an Australian farm boy coming from a small village with 25 people population around 5 hours drive from Perth, Australia. His parents are farmers.

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His first business was selling potatoes at the age of 10 years. Later on he started doing Marron farming and later on since 2008 he become the online entrepreneur. After 2010, He started the online business education company known as MOBE (My Own Business Education) and then he never looked back. When I am writing this article, MOBE has generated over $150 Million in sales and paid over $75 million in commission to its affiliates from all over the world.

Matt Lloyd has also written the book Limitless.

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Is Matt Lloyd a Scammer?

No. Matt Lloyd is not a scammer. He is an online entrepreneur, speaker and investor.

Why lots of reviews online about him call him a Scammer?

These reviews are posted by three types of people. First type of people are those people who are writing a bad review about him and his products online and at the end they try to promote their own products to make some money from it. Basically these are the other internet marketers (with negative mindset) who try to trash someone by writing a bad review about him in hope to sell their own products at the end.

Second type of people are those for whom anything online is a scam. For these people anything online which is not FREE is a scam. These are the people who will call Paypal, eBay and Amazon also the scam companies… Why? .. Well, because they charge from their customers online! These people don’t have any kind of true understanding about the internet and eCommerce.

Third type of people are those who have been cheated or scammed online in past by someone else and that’s why now for them everything online is a scam. Majority of these people are not actually scammed but because of the lack of understanding of the products and services they have purchased make them feel that they are scammed. These are the people who proudly tell you that,

“From my past experiences I can tell you that Matt Lloyd is a Scammer!”

What is MOBE?

MOBE stands for ‘My Own Business Education’. It’s basically the seminar company that basically aranges the live events about online businesses, traffic, internet marketing, wealth generation and investing all around the world.

So MOBE basically sells the live events. MOBE basically has two types of live events – Masterminds & Seminars.

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Seminar Live Events

A] IM Freedom Workshops

These are the FREE 2 hours live workshops. They are free to attend and you will learn how to start earning full time income online by working part time on the internet.

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B] Home Business Summit

This is a 3 days live event for the home business entrepreneurs. This event will exactly teach you that how you can profit from the internet right Now!

You Will Leave This LIVE EVENT Knowing Exactly What You Need To Do To Make $100,000 In The Next 12 Months Using the Internet.

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C] Supercharge Summit

Supercharge summit by MOBE is the 3 days live training absolutely focused on MOBE Affiliates. This is the only event by MOBE that is purely focused on how to generate more traffic, conversions and sales in your MOBE business as a MOBE affiliate?

You need to be the MOBE affiliate to attend this live event. To become the MOBE affiliate you need to apply for its 21 steps online training program and finish all its steps and then you will be able to attend this event.

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Mastermind Live Events

MOBE has 3 mastermind live events as below.

A]  Titanium Mastermind

Titanium Mastermind is the 3 days and 4 nights business building retreat in paradise. You can attend this live event if you are a MOBE affiliate partner and the titanium level affiliate (consultant).

B] Platinum Mastermind

Platinum Mastermind is the 5 days and 6 nights business building retreat in paradise. You can attend this live event if you are a MOBE affiliate partner and the platinum level affiliate (consultant).

C] Diamond Mastermind

Diamond Mastermind is the 10 days and 11 nights business building retreat in paradise. You can attend this live event if you are a MOBE affiliate partner and the diamond level affiliate (consultant).

You can attend any of the above live mastermind events if you are the MOBE affiliate and have completed its 21 steps online training program known as MTTB.

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All the controversies about Matt Lloyd, MOBE and MTTB are because of this 21 steps online training program. Let me explain you how?

MTTB is the 21 steps online training program that will come with your private coach who will guide you to complete all these 21 steps. There is a joining fee of $49 for this 21 steps online training program also known as MTTB. And this $49 is fully refundable. So if after completing these 21 steps, if you feel that its not for you then you can get back your all $49 back and go back to your own life.


The conteroversy starts because during these entire 21 steps, MOBE offers its various live mastermind programs mentioned above which requires additional investment of money. This is what is known as upselling and cross selling in the business language. And its the very common practice in the business.

What is the difference between upselling and cross-selling?

Definition: Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Though often used interchangeably, both offer distinct benefits and can be effective in tandem. Upselling and cross-selling are mutually beneficial when done properly, providing maximum value to customers and increasing revenue without the recurring cost of many marketing channels. read more at bigcommerce.com

 Upselling and cross selling is the common business practice. Let me give you few examples of it.

Example: 1 When you go to McDonald’s and buy a hamburger, they will ask you to add Coke and french fries with it. This is known as cross selling. By adding Coke and French fries and making it a meal will add value to you as well as the company itself.

Will you say that McDonald’s is scamming people?

Example: 2 When you purchase a McBook, they will also offer you the extended warranty known as AppleCare protection plan. By offering you this additional service, Apple basically increases its average customer value. This is known as cross selling.

Will you say that Apple is scamming people?

Example: 3 When you go to any bank, they will allow you to open a savings bank account at no fees or at max minimum opening fees. Your bank will also give you interest on your savings bank account. Once your bank will develop a good relationship with you, it will offer you verious debt products like Credit cards, home loans, personal loans, car loans..etc.. from its debt portfolio. This is the example of Upselling.

Will you say that your bank is scamming you?

The reason why many people call Matt Lloyd and MOBE and its 21 steps system scam is because during these 21 steps, you are offered various mastermind live events as mentioned above. It’s not compulsory to invest in any of them. But if you will invest in these events, it will increase your knowledge and understanding about your online business and help you to make more money in the future from your business.

People without having any understanding and knowledge about upselling and cross selling call it a scam. But in reality its the routine practice of upselling and cross-selling that every successful business out there does. Nobody is putting any gun on your head to make any kind of investments. If you feel that its not for you then you can simply say no and get back your $49 also and go back to your life.

Is MOBE a Pyramid Scheme & Matt Lloyd is running this Ponzi Scheme?

No. MOBE is not a pyramid scheme but an affiliate program just like any other affiliate program out there like Clickbank, Amazon Affiliate program, Commission Junction, AliExpress or anything like that.

When you refer someone to your site’s Amazon affiliate store and when they buy products from your affiliate links, Amazon will pay you 4-8% commissions on it.

Will you call Amazon pyramid scheme?

When you refer someone to buy the Clickbank product worth $100 say for example in weight loss niche, You will earn 75% commissions on it means $75 per sale commissions.

Will you call Clickbank a pyramid or ponzi scheme?

Of course Not….

Now, MOBE is the high ticket affiliate program. Means when you refer someone to its 21 steps system, you will earn 90% commissions of it means for $49, you will earn $44 commissions for every single sale that you will make.

Now, when someone referred by you decides to buy further mastermind live events (titanium, platinum  and diamond) during their 21 steps online training, you earn even higher commissions depending on your positioning inside the MOBE starting from $1250 to $10,000.

So if you have referred your friend to join 21 steps program then you will earn $44 commissions. Now if he will upgrade to Silver level then you will earn $1250 commissions on it. If then he decides to go for Titanium mastermind live event then you will earn extra $3300 commissions without no extra work and if he decides to go for platinum mastermind live event then you will earn another $5500 commissions. And for diamond mastermind you will earn $10,000 commissions.

Now, suppose if the person you refer decides not to buy anything then you don’t earn those extra high ticket commissions. You will then earn only $44 commissions. And if the person decides to take back the refund then MOBE will refund all $49 to him or her and you will earn zero commissions.

So this is known as high ticket affiliate marketing (HTAM) where you earn thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale you generate.

Here is the definition of Pyramid scheme according to Wikipedia,

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission legitimate MLM, unlike pyramid schemes:

“have a real product to sell. More importantly, MLM’s actually sell their product to members of the general public, without requiring these consumers to pay anything extra or to join the MLM system. MLM’s may pay commissions to a long string of distributors, but these commission are paid for real retail sales, not for new recruits.”

In case of MOBE there is a real product to sell which is MOBE’s live mastermind events as its basically the seminar company. So its not any pyramid or ponzi scheme but its the legit affiliate program.

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What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing or HTAM?

High ticket affiliate marketing means you make thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale you make. Suppose you want to make $100,000 online then which of the following options you will chose?

Option: 1 You will find 10,000 customers and sell them $10 eBook or

Option: 2 You will find just 10 customers and sell them $10,000 mastermind program?

Obviously the answer is option 2. Because finding 10,000 customers who will pay you $10 each is a lot of hard work then finding just 10 customers who will pay you $10,000 each.

And MOBE is the system by which you can effectively do this high ticket affiliate marketing.

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Show Me the Results that Matt Lloyd’s Business Model and done for you system works –

Yes of course. I can tell you unlimited stories of success. I have organized all the success stories that has generated by using Matt Lloyd’s system. Here are they.

In short Matt Lloyd is not a scammer. If you ever want to start your 6 & 7 figure online business from your home then you should join MOBE. MOBE is the ultimate done for you system.

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