In this video Matt Lloyd is explaining to one of the MOBE consultant that how to stand out against your competition and make millions of dollars online?

Remember that the first two things you will need to make millions of dollars online are – $1 Million Online Business Plan & Top Tier Online Business Model.

Once you have these two things in place, the next two skills you will require are,

  1. Traffic Generation Skill
  2. Personal Branding – Putting Yourself in the Authority Position in your niche

The first advise Matt Lloyd gives is – learn and master at least one traffic source and get to the level from which you consistently start getting at least 30-50 clicks (visitors) a day on your affiliate offers.

Once you have top tier business model, this is the first thing you should develop. Weather you chose blogging as your traffic source or may be Facebook PPC, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram or anything else… The idea is to learn how to consistently generate traffic on your products and offers.

Once you develop traffic generation skill, the second skill you should develop is personal branding skill.


So these are the two secrets of making millions of dollars online. If you do them correctly, You can make millions of dollars online. Michelle Pescosolido, John Chow and Shaqir Hussyin are just the few examples of people who have made millions of dollars online by creating their personal brand and mastering traffic generation skills.

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