The competition is your best friend in your online business. In this video Matt Lloyd is explaining more about it.

In my personal opinion, the more competition in any niche or market means more money making opportunity. If nobody is competiting with you then probably you are not in the right lucrative niche!

In fact, if you are finding a profitable niche then always look for the niches that have high competition.

7 Questions for Finding a Profitable Niche Market

#1 – Does it Have Competition?

I think competition is a good thing.  You want to find people who already have success in a niche market.  All competition really means is that people are already making money.  This is a good thing!

Don’t be afraid to go into a crowded marketplace.  There are so many ways to stand out and make YOUR content unique.  Even if a market has lots of competitors you can still generate traffic (and subscribers) by:

Never let the presence of competition prevent you from going after a profitable niche.  Instead, adopt the philosophy that competition means there is money to be made. read more at

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