There are lots of fake reviews about IM Freedom Workshop (IMF) on the internet. These are the reviews posted by some affiliate marketers with very narrow vision about the industry who try to promote their own products at the end by writing a bad review about something in hope to earn some money. Most of these reviews are written to trick Google to get some free traffic from it.

This is the most honest and real review about IM FREEDOM Workshop. So take your time, close your Facebook, emails and other distractions and start reading it.

What is IM Freedom Workshop (IMF)?

IM Freedom workshop is the FREE Live Event about – How to Create a full time income in your spare time and gain your freedom from the ‘Rat Race’.

IM Freedom workshop is a FREE Online business workshop!

The IM Freedom Workshop is a free live internet marketing workshop designed to show you how to build and grow a sustainable and profitable online business in your spare time.

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Who is Behind IM Freedom Workshop?

Matt Lloyd and his company MOBE (My Own Business Education) is behind arranging these IM Freedom workshops all over the world. Matt Lloyd is the founder of the company MOBE. MOBE is the seminars and live events company that primarily focuses on arranging seminars on internet businesses, marketing, sales, traffic geneation, wealth building, personal branding and investing all around the world.

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Matt lloyd is the Australian farm boy who turned to multi-million dollars online entrepreneur by founding MOBE. Today MOBE arranges live events all around the world.

Is Matt Lloyd a Scammer?

No. Matt Lloyd is not a scammer. He is the speaker, online entrepreneur and investor.

Why there are lots of negative reviews about Matt lloyd and IMF Workshop Online?

These reviews are basically posted by competitor internet marketers who try to trick google by writing a negative reviews about someone and at the end trying to promote their own products. These are the people who have never tried any products of MOBE and never attended any of the live events of MOBE. You should not believe these reviews.

There are also people in this world for whom everything online is a scam. So they write negative reviews about everything without having the right knowledge about the industry. For these people – Microsoft, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, Dell and even Google is a scam.

You just type the following keywords in your Google search box and you will find lots of negative reviews about these famous brands and companies.

Micosoft Scam
Google Scam
Amazon Scam
Dell Scammed Me!


Are Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Paypal and eBay scam companies?

Obviously not…

You also type the name of any famous person, politician, film star or celibrity in Google search box and the next keyword you type ‘Scam‘ and you will find lots of negative reviews about all of them.

Are all celibrities in this world bad and scammers?

Obviosuly not…

The same is true with IM Freedom workshop. You will find lots of negative reviews about this system from the people who are either trying to trick Google or for them everything in this world is a scam.

What is the Aim the Company (MOBE) Behind FREE IMF Workshop?

The Aim of the company MOBE is to educate people to start their own online business and start making full time income by working part time on the internet. The company wants to help people to achieve the ultimate financial freedom so that they can live a life of their dream. After attending IMF workshop, you will know lots of valuable things about online businesses, making money online, home businesses that you will never learn just sitting behind your computers.

What is the Business Goal of the Company Behind IMF Workshop?

The business goal of any company in this world is profit. This is true for MOBE as well. The business goal of MOBE is to promote its various higher end live events (Paid) through IMF Workshop to make profits for itself as well as for its affiliate partners.

When you will attend IMF Workshop, at various point of times they will introduce to you with their other higher level live events that requires investment of your money. However, its not compulsory to invest in any of these live events.

This is why many people call it a scam. But it’s not the scame because this is what is known as Cross selling & upselling which is a very common business practice for many businesses out there.

Say for example when you visit to McDonald’s restaurant and order the Hamburger, the operator will ask you weather you would like it to convert it into a meal by adding Coke and French Fries at little extra cost? This is the classic example of cross-selling and upselling.

Will you call McDonald’s a scammer?

Well, obviously not. Because McDonald’s is just doing cross selling and as the same time also help you to increase the value for your meal.

The same is true with IM Freedom workshop. When you attend IMF workshop near you, MOBE will also offer you its other live events that will be helpful to you to take your business to the next level. By doing this, MOBE is trying to increase the value of your education and knowledge and at the same time increase its customer value.

So it’s not any scam but a commom business practice.

Is IMF a Scam?

Obviously not. The reason many people think that its a scam is explained in the above few paagraphs only. During this event, the company upsells and cross-sells its various other live events (which are not compulsory) at all. And this is the reason why many financially uneducated people think that it’s a scam because they are offering their other products.

Which Are the Other Live Events By MOBE?

MOBE basically has two types of live events – Seminars & Masterminds.

A] Mastermind Live Events:

1. Titanum Mastermind

2. Platinum Mastermind

3. Diamond Mastermind

B] Seminars Live Events:

1. IM Freedom Workshops

2. Home Business Summit (HBS)

3. Supercharge Summits

Seminar live events are FREE or with minimal charges while mastermind live events are MOBE’s premium live events which requires tens of thousands of dollars of investment as well as require you to be the MOBE’s affiliate partner.

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Which Live Event you suggest after attending IMF Workshop?

If you attend IMF workshop near you then the very next live event I suggest you to attend is HBS or Home Business Summit.

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Home business summit is a 3 days paid live event.

This event is all about how you can profit from the internet right Now!

You Will Leave This LIVE EVENT Knowing Exactly What You Need To Do To Make $100,000 In The Next 12 Months Using the Internet.

Can I Make Money By Promoting MOBE’s Live Events?

Yes of course. You can make thousands of dollars of commissions (Upto $10,000 per sale) by promoting MOBE’s live event. In fact, today many people all around the world have become MOBE’s affiliate partners (Consultants) and earning full time income online only by promoting MOBE’s live events. Promoting MOBE’s top tier business model and its live events is their main source of income now.


This is also known as High ticket affiliate marketing or HTAM.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM)?

HTAM means selling high ticket products on which you earn thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale you make. MOBE’s mastermind live events are the MOBE’s high ticket backend products on which you earn big commissions.

Titanium Mastermind – $3300

Platinum Mastermind – $5500

Diamond Mastermind – $10,000

You can see that if someone you have referred to MOBE buys Titanium mastermind, you will earn $3300 commissions and upto $10,000 per sale commissions.

Now, let me explain you that how the economics of high ticket products work?

Suppose you want to make $100,000 in next 12 month from the internet. Now, I give you two scenarios. Which one you will prefer?

Scenario: 1 Selling $10 eBook to 10,000 customers or

Scenario: 2 Selling $10,000 mastermind program to 10 customers?

Obviously you will chose second scenario because finding just 10 customers is lots and lots of easier then finding 10,000 customers in next 12 months who will buy $10 eBook from you.

This is the power of selling MOBE’s high ticket products to make big profits online.

How Can I Be MOBE Affiliate & Start Earning High Ticket Commissions?

You can be MOBE’s affiliate by paying $49 fees and completing its 21 steps online training with your personal one on one coach.

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Once you will finish its 21 steps program, you will be able to start promoting MOBE’s high ticket products and start earning high ticket commissions. Don’t worry. Your $49 is fully refundable. So if you don’t want to continue after finishing 21 steps then you can get back all of your money back. 100% Risk Free!


Will I Have to Phone Call my Leads to Buy MOBE’s High ticket products?

No. Not at all. This is because MOBE’s phone sales team will call your leads and close the high ticket deals on your behalf so you don’t have to call your leads. All you have to do is send the quality traffic to MOBE’s sales funnels and rest of the job will be done by its team. You will also be provided complete traffic training to generate leads for your MOBE business.

I Don’t Have Any Knowledge About Internet – Can I still Promote it?

Yes of course. Even if you don’t know the correct spelling of the word ‘Internet’, you can still make money from this done for you system. This is because when you will join MOBE, you will be provided all kind of tools, support and training to run your online business with MOBE. Read the following success stories and you will have more idea about it.


In short, anyone from any kind of background can start making online with MOBE’s done foryou system. If you want to start your 6 & 7 figure online business from your home then you should join MOBE.

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