Since the beginning of new year, the founder of MOBE company Matt Lloyd is flying to Fiji. He is planning to acquire a resort property in Fiji so that MOBE can hold its future live events there. Matt Has already completed the due dilligence of the first resort property in Fiji during the first week of 2017.

Now, he has also finished the due dilliegence of the second resort property in Fiji which is the 48 acres island.

Here is what he said in one of the email newsletter to his readers.

I was looking for our 2nd resort, so that we’d have a place our Australian, New Zealand and Asia clients could easily get to for our masterminds.

Well as of last night, I’ve put in offer for a property (it’s actually a small resort on a 48 acre island)!

I don’t know if they’ll accept myt offer; there’s some competition.

But if they do, it will be by far the largest investment I’ve ever made for the company (and the most exciting).  I’ll keep you updated on that.

MOBE has already acquired a 5 star beach resort property in Costa Rica which is right now under construction. MOBE is also planning to acquire resort properties in Asian side of the world like Thailand and Fiji for its future mastermind live events.

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