Right now MOBE’s new resort in Costa Rica is getting rennovated. MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has acquired a beach resort property ‘Monterey Del Mar’ in Costa Rica couple of months back. Since then the property is getting constructed. MOBE is planning to make it 4 star or 5 star level resort for its future mastermind live events.

Here is the most recent email newsletter from Matt Lloyd about this property’s work in progress.

Right now they are putting in Tiki huts, covering all 8 acres in beautiful new lawn, stripping back all the old buildings to refinish the walls, and also extending the pool.

We have over 50 construction crew on site, working at a feverish pace to have everything ready in time.

MOBE is also in the process to acquire the resort properties in Thailand & Fiji. And recently, Matt Lloyd has put an offer to acquire 48 acres island property in Fiji.

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