Recently Carolina Millan from Chile posted a blog post – 2016 Year in Review and a video showing highlights of the year 2016 for her. In the last year she attended lots of live events, hosted her own mastermind events and also participated in a reality show Below Deck Season 4 with multi-millionaire blogger John Chow.

This video is showing all the major high light events in her life during the entire year of 2016. Here is what John Chow says about her in one of his blog post,

When we got on the boat, the producer told us Chef Ben has a 12 course tasting menu planned for us. I never formally requested it. The producers no doubt added it to create drama for Ben. The drama was set higher because of Carolina’s diet restrictions.

I felt that Carolina was portrayed unfairly by the show. Diet restrictions are nothing new, and Ben’s way of accommodating for it wasn’t what I would expect from a top level chef. Instead of creating a separate menu for Carolina, he opted to pass the buck to Sierra to create the mother of all salads.

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