MOBE has announced a new contestSilver Masterclass Contest 2017. Watch this video to know more about this contest.

Basically if you sell 3 Silver masterclass programs by MOBE then you will not only earn $1250 per sale commissions but you will also win 5 days stay in MOBE’s brand new resort in Costa rica.

If you end up getting 5 Silver Masterclass sales, you can even bring a guest and MOBE will cover their stay too!

And if you get 8 Silver Masterclass sales…

BOTH your flights are paid for!

MOBE has acquired a new beach resort property in Costa rica for its future mastermind live events. Right now this resort has 25 rooms and MOBE is adding more 10 rooms. Right now the work is in progress and the resort will be ready by early March 2017.

MOBE is also planning to acquire 48 acres island property in Fiji. If you want to win this contest then the first thing you need to do is – you need to be the MOBE’s affiliate partner to participate in this contest. You need to join its 21 steps online training program and finish its online training and then you will be able to promote its Silver masterclass.

You will be provided all kind of support, training and tools to start your online business with MOBE and start promoting its backend high ticket products.

MOBE is also planning to acquire more new MOBE resorts properties all around the world for its future live events.

Probably when you will read this, this contest will be ended. However, still you can join MOBE and start earning full time income online by working part time on the internet from your home.

Click here to know more about joining MOBE’s 21 steps system >>

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