This is the amazing video in which Derek Halpern of explains few lessons in selling high priced products and services by giving the example of his $310 Haircut.

This is a must watch video if you ever want to stand out against your competition and charge premium charges from your customers.

The number one reason why people pay big money for certain kind of services is – experience. Some products and services give them amazing luxurious experience that noone else gives in those niches. Not only this but these businesses don’t use the generic terms rather they use different terms.

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Let’s take the example of MOBE. MOBE is basically the seminars company which sells its seminars and live events at tens of thousands of dollars cost. However, MOBE doesn’t use the term seminars anywhere in its marketing. Instead they uses the term masterminds for their seminars and live events.

You can earn high ticket commissions upto $10,000 per sale by promoting MOBE’s live events.

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