Today Matt Lloyd has posted a drone picture of a Fiji Island on his Snapchat that MOBE is planning to acquire. Last week Matt Lloyd had put an offer to acquire this 48 acres island property in Fiji.

Finding out in next few days if my offer was accepted.

MOBE is planning to acquire more resort properties like this all around the world to hold its future live mastermind events.

MOBE has already acquired a beach resort property in Costa Rica which is right now under rennovation. This property will be up and running in early March this year and then MOBE will hold majority of future mastermind events there only.

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In fact, this year MOBE Leaders retreat is at on this new property in Costa Rica only. Also the winners of MOBE’s Silver masterclass contest will be given 5 days holidays for FREE at this resort in Costa Rica.

You can also start earning full time income online and attend MOBE”s luxurious live mastermind events to gain your knowledge to the level from which you can run your 6 & 7 figure online business.

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