This 28-page guide will teach you:

  • How a customer avatar can drive content marketing, SEO, paid traffic, brand positioning, and copywriting.
  • Our “But No One Else Would” trick to help you determine your ideal customer’s “hang outs.”
  • How you can bring your ideal customer to life and tailor your marketing to their goals, challenges, and objections to the sale. 

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If you want to sell anything online then you should first of all define your customer avatar. Once you have this avatar in your mind, you can then target it online.

Remember one thing that before you go through this worksheet, the first thing you will need is a right online business model and right products to promote.

If you don’t have the right online business model and products to promote, you will eventually fail. If you don’t know anything about business model then I can suggest you one done for you system that you can promote to start making money online.

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