MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has posted these two snaps on Snapchat. The first snap is of the famous book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish.

According to Matt, this book is going to be a major focus for MOBE in the year 2017.

Another snap is from the book that Matt is planning to put in his office.

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MOBE is now generating over $10 million a year in revenue. It has paid over $75 million to its affiliates from all around the world and at this stage its very important for the company to scaling it up to the next level.

Matt Lloyd is always taking a high quality education from industry’s best leaders since the launching of his company MOBE. And this year Matt will spend daily 1 hour to read this book and will apply many of its strategies in his business to take it to the next level.

Last year Matt Lloyd attended Dan Pena’s castle seminar by paying tens of thousands of dollars. Matt Lloyd never afraids to spend big fortune on quality information, training and education. And this is the reason why he has made millions of dollars from his own business.

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Successful entrepreneurs always take quality education from the good books. If you want to become successful online then you should also invest your money in your own education. You should spend your money to learn from industry’s top leaders and mentors.

Today thousands of people from all around the world have taken a high quality education by attending MOBE’s live events and now they are making big profits from their online businesses. You can also start your online business by joining MOBE.

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