How To Build an Email Marketing Machine

Once you understand the stages of email marketing — you’ll be able to plug in a couple of autoresponder series (maybe you need to add an Engagement Series or an Ascension Series) and create a new revenue stream.

Your prospect can’t be ENGAGED until they are INDOCTRINATED.  And they can’t ASCEND until they are engaged.  And so on… make sense?

Stage 1 – Indoctrination Emails
Stage 2 – Engagement Emails
Stage 3 – Ascension Emails
Stage 4 – Segmentation Emails
Stage 5 – Reengagement/Win Back Emails Via

These are the 5 stages of multi-million dollars email marketing. If you have the right product to promote then with this technique by Ryan Deiss you can make millions of dollars online via email marketing.

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Most of the people don’t have any idea about what to promote that can make them internet millionaires. Ideally you should promote high ticket products via this method on which you earn thousands of dollars of commissions on every single sale you make. What most of the people do is they waste their time and energy to promote $10 eBooks or $45 video course that doesn’t make them rich.

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