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What is that separates multi-billion dollar Starbucks from the regular mom and pop coffee store? Mainly: Systems

Yes true systems. Great product cannot make you rich. But great business systems can. Take the example of McDonald’s. You and me both can make better Hamburgers than McDonald’s restaurant. But we are not as rich as them because we don’t have worldclass system to sell the Hanburgers like McDonald’s have.

Invest in Systems, Not Products

Many people come to me excited about a new product idea that they believe is truly innovative and worth investing in. Many people also come to me thinking that their product is the best, better than any other existing product on the market. In the B (big business) and I (investor) quadrant, however, the most important thing is the system behind the product or idea.

Rich dad said, “The product is the least important piece to inspect when evaluating a business.”

He believed that a truly successful business was built on systems and that the product didn’t have to be the best if the systems were world class. It still had to be good, just not the best. That is why he always placed Product in the smallest portion of the B-I Triangle, his model for building the most successful businesses. Via

The same is true with online businesses. The one thing that separates mom and pop online businesses with 6, 7 & 8 figure online businesses like MOBE is systems. MOBE has generated over $150 million in sales in just past few years mainly because of the great systems built around this online business.

You can also start your online business with MOBE and start earning a full time income online from the internet. If you leverage the proven and tested done for you systems like MOBE, you can literally make millions of dollars online.

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