Deep Work is the book by the author Seth Godin, the author of the best selling book Linchpin. MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has posted the snap of this book on his Snapchat and here is what he said about this book.

Each day I’ve started reading for an hour. This book addresses a problem just about all of us have who make our money online.

Deep Work Book Review

Matt Lloyd’s major focus in 2017 will be to read ‘Scaling Up’ book by Berne Harnish.

Distractions are our number one productivity killer while working online. If we want to run successful online business then we should learn how to avoid distractions and improve productivity.

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I personally shut down my Facebook, Twitter account and email accounts while writing a blog post for my readers. This is because writing a very useful blog post for my readers is the prime activity of my online business.

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