Dot com lifestyle means you have the complete freedom of time, money and location. In this video John Chow is taking a dot com lunch with his daughter at a Japanese restaurant in Edinburgh. John is basically from Vancouver, Canada.

Dot Com Lifestyle in Edinburgh – John & Sally at McDonald’s

When John is enjoying his dot com lifestyle in Edinburgh, he is still making money from his online business. This is what is called the real freedom of time, money and location.

When you own the online business, you can earn money even while you sleep or travel the world or may be doing a dot com dinner.

John & Sally Chow At Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura

John is using one done for you system that basically generates high ticket sales on his behalf from the leads generated through his blog. John has made over $2.5 million from this done for you system. You can also use the exact same done for you system to start making full time income online.

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