It’s now just 6-8 weeks away and MOBE’s new office in Kuala Lumpur will be ready. The rennovation work of this office is in progress. The inside of this office is really beautiful.

MOBE Headquarter in Kualalumpur – 3 Months Work Progress [Video]

Just 2 days back Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE has posted the snaps of MOBE’s headquarter in Kuala lumpur on his Snapchat.

Today Matt Has posted lots more snaps of this new office. Here are they.

You can see in the above pics that the rennovation work is almost finished. There is a separate space for the finance staff who is paying out more than half a million dollars per week to the MOBE affiliates from all around the world.

There is also a brand new office for Matt lloyd. MOBE will rent out half of this 6500 sq. feet space to other entrepreneurs. There is also a seminar room and a film studio in this new MOBE headquarter.

And Matt Lloyd’s current office will be turned into a gym.

In just past few years MOBE has turned to a multi-million dollars business empire. Today thousands of people from all around the world are making full time income online by working part time on the internet.

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