The above tweet is the amazing observation by famous blogger Darren Rowse on his wife’s new blog – Style & Shenanigans.

When his wife posted her own selfie on her new blog, it increased the readers engagement (more comments & shares) and also grew traffic. He noticed 7 times more traffic on this particular blog post then rest of the posts.

When you go personal and add your personal flavor by adding your own pics, videos and audieos on your blog, it increases the reader engagement. People love to interact with personal content on the internet. And when they see actual personal content posted by the blogger, they interact with that content.

The multi-millionaire blogger John Chow majority of time posts his own videos on his blog. Sometimes he is taking a dot com lunch with his daughter and sometimes dot com dinner while sometimes he is posting videos of his travel to Las Vegas and something like that.

This personal content basically engages the audience more and eventually they buy the products he promotes and make millions of dollars online.

You should also use the same technique in your own blog to increase the engagement of your target audience with your blog. John is using one done for you system in the backend of his blog to generate thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale he makes. You can also use the exact same system to earn full time income online.

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