MOBE has announced the Silver Masterclass contest last week. Silver Masterclass is MOBE’s high ticket backend product having a price of $2500 [$2495 Exactly…].

You can earn $1250 Affiliate commission by promoting it. Not only this but if you make just 3 sales of Silver Masterclass by the mid February then you will get 5 days FREE holiday in MOBE’s resort in Costa Rica.

Lots of MOBE Affiliates have already generated 1-2 sales of silver masterclass. The following is the more updated leaderboard of this contest that shows that 4 MOBE affiliates have been qualified for holidays in Costa Rica.

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4 Silver Sales (just 1 sale from getting a guest paid for too!):
Darren Salkeld 
Mike Williams and Mike Antoni

3 Silver Sales (now have qualified):
Zack Carter
Tim Atkinson

2 Silver sales (you guys just need 1 more sale to get the holiday!):
Paul Baltas
Edrick Yu
Shaqir Hussyin
Shakul Gupta
Venkata & Harpal

1 Silver Sale (just 2 more Silver sales, and the following people get a 5 night holiday too!):
Aniruddha Railkar
Elie Bankineza
Barry Friedmann
Benjamin Guth
Carl Robitaille
Chad Arrington
Cathryn Provines
David Gilks
Dennis Watkins
Dmitry Badiarov
Elsie Lim 
Aleques Lanier
Eva Blandino
Sonja Herington
Russell H Herbert Jr
Jeanette Releford
Joe Heiser
James E. Zlomke
Kevin Klaus
Larry Gold
Jason Miller
Vincent Generoso
Rhonda Michele
Vie Muddin
Al Monteiro
Michael & Tania Passaglia
Vikas KumRai
Chan Nguyen Vong
Linda Gould & Marilyn Sandoval
David Miller
Beatrice Muliisa Edwards
Russell S DeWitt
Charlene Dann

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