The common questions bloggers and affiliate marketers ask me is – How often they should pitch in their blog posts and email followups?

I suggest you to listen to the above podcast and you will exactly learn that how to write a post that contains a call to action. Now about the answer of this question.

Well, I personally always – Teach & Pitch.

I write a valuable blog post and provide great value in my posts and at the end I pitch the products I promote. And people don’t mind it at all.

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This is because I first of all educate and/or entertain my readers in the initial part of my blog post and then at the end I pitch. So I always teach and pitch. Some gurus will say you that first 3 days provide value and then pitch. Its upto you. However, teach and pitch works best for me. I am in the online industry since early 2008 and this formula has worked the best for me.

You can use my method for writing blog posts as well as writing email followup series. In fact, this method works best with the high ticket affiliate marketing or HTAM. This means that you basically promote products which are worth thousands of dollars so you earn thousands of dollars of commissions on every single sale you make.

There is one done for you system that gives you upto $10,000 per sale like big commissions. You can promote this system with my teach and pitch method to start earning full time income online from your home.

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