Here is the progress report of MOBE’s Silver Masterclass Contest. Few days back I have reported that 4 affiliates were qualified for FREE holiday in Costa Rica.

Today total 7 affiliates have been qualified for this FREE Holiday. Out of which two affiliates have qualified for two people.

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These people have got the 5 night holiday for TWO people:

– Mike Williams and Mike Antoni
– Zack Carter

These people have the 5 night holiday for themselves:

Darren Salkeld
– Jeff Jeff
Tim Atkinson
Shaqir Hussyin
– Shakul Gupta

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These people need just ONE more sale to get the holiday:

– Paul Baltas
– Benjamin Guth
– Edrick Yu
Venkata & Harpal
Vikas KumRai
Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

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And these people are just 2 sales away from getting the holiday:

– Aniruddha Railkar
– Elie Bankineza
– Barry Friedmann
– Carl Robitaille
Chad Arrington
– Cathryn Provines
– David Gilks
– Dennis Watkins
– Dmitry Badiarov
Elsie Lim
– Aleques Lanier
– Eva Blandino
– Sonja Herington
Russell H Herbert Jr
– Jeanette Releford
– Joe Heiser
– James E. Zlomke
Kevin Klaus
– Larry Gold
– Jason Miller
– Vincent Generoso
Rhonda Michele
– Vie Muddin
– Al Monteiro
– Michael & Tania Passaglia
– Chan Nguyen Vong
– Linda Gould & Marilyn Sandoval
David Miller
– Beatrice Muliisa Edwards
– Russell S DeWitt
– Charlene Dann
John Chow
– Debi Copfer
– Charles and Ann Tchoreret
Carolina Millan
– Chris Castaneda
– Nancy Check
– Mercedes Bibat Ana
– Len Moss
– Pam Foss
– Shawn Darden
– Hermanus Bosman
– Mohammad Bagheri
– Mary Bye
– Bryan-Benny Levvy

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