If you are in the internet marketing and make money online industry since a while then you must know that in this industry your personal brand is everything. People want to buy products from other authority people in the industry whom they trust and perceive as experts.

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Nobody wants to buy anything from the strangers. Chris Ducker has tweeted a great blog post about using Periscope to build your personal brand. Periscope is the live broadcasting company and in this article Chris has explained in a great detail that how you can use Periscope to build great relationship with your audience and put yourself in the authority position?

By the way before you build your personal brand in this industry, its important to decide first that what you will promote to your audience? I mean how you will monetize your personal brand? There is one done for you system and affiliate program that many online gurus are promoting now a days to make big profits online. This is because this affiliate program gives upto $10,000 per sale like big commissions to its affiliates.

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