I just got this email from Matt Lloyd, the founder of an online education company that has generated over $150 million to date, and it’s a great read so I thought I’d post it on my blog. Matt Lloyd is a rags to riches story and its a very inspirational story.


I first discovered Internet marketing and starting my online business back in 2008, when I was a college student in my hometown of Perth, Australia.

For about the first year, I was going to school during the day, and then I had little jobs on the side, like mowing the lawns and working as a waiter, just to pay the bills.

I spent about one-year treating my online business mostly as a hobby…

But then I started getting more and more serious about it—because I started making more and more money (of course).

Eventually I got to a stage where I was thinking, “Look, I’m either going to do this all the way, or I’m not going to do it at all.” Because there is really no middle ground.

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That’s when I decided to quit school, and stop my part-time mowing job too—so I could put all my time into Internet Marketing.

When I made that decision, my life transformed into millions.

I finally reached that point where I said to myself, “Look, I either need to make a decision right now and just go all in, or I’m just going to stop doing this.” And I decided to go all in.

So the next day I went down to my university and I said, “I want to put all my classes on hold,” and I also gave up all my little lawn mowing jobs.

I started working full-time out of my bedroom, at a desk in the corner. I had finally committed to it…

Honestly, my Internet profits didn’t start to work immediately… There were about two years where it was very difficult. Often, I would have bills piling up for the next month. I would have rent due, need food, and I would struggle to pay for everything.

But somehow, I would always find the money. I would spend more time advertising products online, and somehow, I always made the rent.

My system finally started working, and I was making $3,000—$4,000 a month.

When I became comfortable doing $4,000 a month, things suddenly began to take off. The next month, I made over $8,000 the next month.

Then, literally one month later, my commissions went up to $15,000 in one month. Then it went down the next month. Then in December 2011, it actually went up to $45,000.

I was shocked because I had never made that kind of money before in my life! And I continued gaining momentum.

Then in January 2012, I made $81,000, and from that point on it was a comfortable six-figures per month. Then it crossed into the seven-figures (each month), and it has just continued to go up ever since.

Here’s the point…

Like I said… in my view, you’re either all-in, or you’re not in at all. That’s how I did it, and it’s the only way this will work for you.

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It’s okay when you’re starting out to treat your business like a hobby—Maybe spending an hour, or two hours in the evenings and just play around with it.

But at some point, if your goal is to build a multiple six-figure-per-year income or above, you’re going to need to commit to the business a little bit more.

You just have to make that decision, and just decide in your mind that I’m going to make this work, no matter what.

And don’t add any contingencies like many people do. You should cut your safety nets so you have nothing to fall back on, and it will force you to push harder every day.

You cannot go into this saying, “I’ll give it ‘X’ amount of days, or I quit.” You have to go into this saying, “I’m going to make this work, no matter what.”

My attitude early on was, “I’m going to make this work, even if it kills me.” That’s how serious I was about doing it.

Once you get that level of commitment, there are very few challenges that can stop you.

Another thing they never tell you when you go into business — There will be A LOT of challenges. There will be challenges that will push you beyond limits you could even imagine…

There will be the small day-to-day challenges, little things that come up, but then there are those epic challenges that come along. For me, not a month goes by where there’s not some enormous challenge that I have to overcome.

Unless you have that resolve, you’re not going to make it. But just remember, if I did it, you can too!

It’s NEVER too late for you to be successful.

Even though it may seem too late, there’s still time to play catch-up if you’ve fallen behind.

You’ve probably heard about this world of Online Affiliate Marketing. You’ve been hearing about it for years, about all these entrepreneurs who went off, built businesses, got rich, and now live very good lives.

You may have seen some kind of online business on the Internet and you think, “Wow, this could be pretty great…I could actually do this.” You’ve always thought, “Hey, maybe I could go and do that. Maybe I could go and start an online business.”

But like you’ve seen from my story, if you want to build a business from scratch and build it into something amazing and successful—It’s all, or it’s nothing.

Now, just six-years later, I’ve made over $150 MILLION Online.

That’s right. I went from working in the corner of my bedroom six years ago, to generating over $150 million in commissions.

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Talk soon,

Matt Lloyd

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