MOBE founder Matt Lloyd is going to wear the wig shown in this pic to hide his identity during MOBE’s live event IM Freedom workshop.

My Wig disguise to show up to the IMF on Monday. Don’t want anyone to know I’m there.I’m just going to ensure everything runs the way it should.

This is a characteristic of a good founder and entrepreneur. The good entrepreneur always want to make sure that how the team of his business works in his absence. This is very important for the business success.

What is IM Freedom Workshop?

IM Freedom workshops are the free live events that will show you that how you can start your online business by working part time on the internet. If you are the MOBE affiliate partner then you can make money by promoting IMF.

In few short years MOBE has paid over $75 million in commissions to its affiliates from all around the world. This extra ordinary growth is because of the great vision and involvement by its founder Matt Lloyd. You can also join MOBE and start your online business with it.

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