Last week I have reported that Matt Lloyd is gonna wear wig to disguise his identity for one of MOBE‘s live event- IM Freedom workshop. He basically wants to make sure that everything is running smoothly in this live workshop for the people who want to start their online business from their home.

These are the few more pics of his full disguise.

You can see that his entire look has been changed in the above pics due to the wig, sunglasses and hat.

After full disguise, he has visited the IM Freedom workshop and noone knows that the founder of $150 Million online business empire is sitting with them in the live seminar!

Just look in the above pic. This is the original look of Matt Lloyd. Matt Lloyd had started his online business from his bed room and today its the multi-million dollars company.

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In few short years Matt Lloyd took his business empire from zero to $150 million. You can too join his company MOBE by buying the license rights of his company and start your online franchisee business. You can too start making full time income online by running your online franchisee business from your home.

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