MOBE has recently announced a new contestWiFi Millionaire Contest. MOBE has announced this contest just after launching its new eBook WiFi Millionaire & WiFi Millionaire System (WMS).

Contest Dates: February 8th  — February 22nd 

Your Prizes:

Every time you sell a Wi-Fi Millionaire E-book for $3, you get 1 point.

And every time you upsell the 21-Steps program (WMS) for $49, you get 3 points.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize pool:

  • Overall $20,000 in Prizes
  • 1st Place:  Ultimate Branding Experience
  • 2nd Place: Macbook Pro +Pro Editing Softward + iPhone 7-plus
  • 3rd Place:  Modobag – Motorized, Ridable Luggage
  • 4th Place:  3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter
  • 5th Place:  GoPro Hero5 Black 4k Waterproof Action Camera
  • 6th Place:  ChargeTech Laptop Battery Pack
  • 7th Place:  Fitbit Charge 2 Activitiy  Tracker
  • 8th Place:  Famous Steak Knives

If you want to participate in this contest then you should be the MOBE’s affiliate partner who have finished its 21 steps online training.

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If you only want to read the book WiFi Millionaire then,

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Becoming a MOBE affiliate partner is rewarding. This is because time to time MOBE will announce several contests like this. Not only this but you can make full time income online by working part time on the internet from your online business.

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