MOBE’s Wifi Millionaire contest is live and you can win prizes ove $20,000 by prompting its $3 eBook Wifi Millionaire and WiFi Millionaire System (WMS) online which is $49 price point. The first price is ultimate branding package which is 7 days FREE holiday in MOBE’s new Costa Rica resort.

WiFi Millionaire LEADERBOARDS – 10th Feb, 2017

1st: John Chow (50 points)
2nd: Venkata Konidala & Harpal (42 points)
3rd: Shaqir Hussyin (36 points)
4th: Darren Salkeld (26 points)
5th: Tim Atkinson (19 points)
6th: Chris Susan Beesley (18 points)
7th (tie): Zack Carter and Richard Takemura (16 points)
8th: Shakul Gupta (15 points)
9th: Mike Williams and Mike Antoni (13 points)
10th: Ewen Chia (10 points)
11th: Paul Lynch (9 points)
12th: Edrick Yu (8 points)
13th (tie): Corinna Corina Downie, Michelle Pescosolido and Tim Donovan (7 points)
14th: Sue Smart and Jerry Smart (5 points)
15th (tie): Russell Herbert, Janice Allen, Luke Lim, Mike Crop, Raymond Aaron, Sandra Baughman, Robert Aitchison & Makzy Majnusz (4 points)

Remember, each ‘WiFi Millionaire eBook’ sale at $3 = 1 point
And each ‘WiFi Millionaire System’ sale at $49 = 3 points

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