These are the few pics posted by MOBE founder Matt Lloyd on his Snapchat. These are the pics from Genting Highland in Malaysia. Genting is the only Casino of Malaysia. MOBE’s headquarter is in Kuala lumpur. Matt Lloyd is here not just for fun but basically he is for the brainstorming session.

During this session he will think about how to scale MOBE to the next level? Here is what he says about it.

This is why I come on these weekend trips. So I can do $10k/hr high level thinking work and not always be bogged down in $100/hr operations activities back at the office.

I’m on one of my ‘weekend retreats’ where I get out of the office for a few days, to focus on the big picture planning for MOBE.

My focus this weekend? To scale up the MOBE phone sales team. We are about to double the size of our existing team, in the span of 3 weeks. We have 17 new phone sales professionals starting on Monday, and a lot more will follow.

This is really a good habit. Matt Lloyd has started his online journey in somewhere around 2009 and in few years he went from Zero to $150 Million Online business empire.

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