MOBE’s Silver masterclass contest is now over. And just now MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has announced the winners of this contest.

All the contestants of Silver masterclass contest were working very hard. And all contestants were very close to each others.

The winners will be rewarded 5 nights holiday in MOBE’s Costa rica resort. Here are the final results of this contest.

Congratulations to these people who one the 5 night holiday for TWO people WITH flights included:

– Zack Carter
– Mike Williams and Mike Antoni
Shaqir Hussyin
– Shakul Gupta
Tim Atkinson
– Vie Muddin
– Roxanne Meta Calvert

Congratulations to these people have got the 5 night holiday for TWO people:

– Aleques Lanier
– Jeff Jeff
John Chow
Venkata & Harpal
Darren Salkeld
– Joseph Kolenovic

And Congratulations to these people have won the 5 night holiday for themselves:

– Paul Baltas
Chan Nguyen Vong
Michelle & Bill Pescosolido
– Paul Giza
– Nova Dwi Suryadi

There is one more contest right now going on – MOBE’s WiFi Millionaire Contest. The first winner of this contest will win 7 days holiday in MOBE’s Costa rica resort – All expenses paid. Another way to get a FREE treat at this resort is MOBE Leaders retreat in which all the MOBE consultants who have made over $100K in commissions will be invited to this brand new resort in Costa Rica.

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