Matt Lloyd has posted these two pics on his Snapchat.

This is going to be the resort laundry on the bottom floor, and my home in the top two floors. As you can see, there’s still a LONG way to go! Needs to be done by March 10th

He is talking about MOBE’s new resort in Costa Rica which is under construction at the moment. MOBE has acquired ocean facing resort property in Costa Rica last year. Here is what Matt says about thie new resort in Costa Rica in one of his email newsletter

Our new resort is almost ready, and on the 10th of March we have our very first event there.

Right now there’s about 50 full time construction crew working furiously 6 days a week to finish everything.

They’re painting the walls, putting in the furniture, building a new kitchen, and covering all 8 acres in new lush green grass.  Lot’s to do!

Matt Lloyd is acquiring resort properties all around the world for MOBE’s future live mastermind events. Recently, he put an offer to acquire 48 Acres island property in Fiji.

The drone picture of Fiji Island is awesome. Recently, Matt Lloyd has announced the final results of Silver masterclass contest and the winners will have an opportunity to get 5 days holidays (All expenses paid) in this new Costa rica resort at MOBE.

There is another contest known as WiFi Millionaire contest which also offers 7 nights stay in this Costa rica beach resort.

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