Just yesterday only I have reported MOBE Headquarter’s final work in progress. However, surprisingly today Matt Lloyd has posted the new pics of the work in progress which shows that the already done wall brickwork and a lot of the concrete floors are being redone!

Probably Matt Lloyd is not very happy with the current rennovation work of MOBE Headquarter in Kuala lumpur. When Matt posted the video of MOBE Headquarter’s 3 months work in progress on YouTube, majority of floor and brick work was about to get finished.

However, surprisingly today they are removing the floor work with jack hammer.

Matt Lloyd is the perfectionist and he never compromises with the quality. In short few years he founded his company MOBE from his bedroom and made it $150 Million company.

Today thousands of people from all around the world are successfully doing online business from their home with MOBE. If you want to start your online business from your home then you should join MOBE.

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