Matt Lloyd has told in one of his email newsletter that if you will win MOBE’s WiFi Millionaire Contest then he will personally pick you up in a Limo to MOBE’s Costa Rica resort!

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1st Prize: Your Ultimate Branding Experience ($15,000 value)

First prize is the ultimate branding package. You’ll get a first-class flight to Costa Rica. I’ll pick you up in a limo, and from there you’ll ride 90-minutes to the new oceanfront MOBE resort. That’s 7- nights all expenses paid in in Costa Rica.

Plus, we have a brand new film studio there, and you’ll be able to work for three-full videos with our production crew. All the videos you can imagine.

Before you get here, we’ll script out your videos so everything is taken care of for you. Talented videographers, drones, private film studio all at your fingertips for three-days.

This is ON the coast of Costa Rica at our brand new resort. Easily worth $20,000.

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If you see the WiFi Millionaire contest leaderboard then you will find that many people are competing for this contest.

This contest has dual advantages. The first is of course you will win the prizes if you will win this package. However, the second main advantage is you will also build your own online business from your home.

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