Steven Bransfield wins MOBE’s WiFi Millionaire Contest with first position. The first winner will win a 7 nights all expenses paid holiday on MOBE’s resort in Costa Rica. The founder Matt Lloyd will personally pick you up in a limousine to this resort in Costa Rica.

Steven is a 22 years old MOBE affiliate who earned $42,000 in commissions with $6000 Facebook ad spending which is really a good numbers. Steven is the college dropout student who has turned to online entrepreneur by joining MOBE and starting his online business with MOBE.

Here is the letter from Setevn Bransfield showing that how exactly he did it?

Since I got started in MOBE I learned one thing very quickly… I learned that the fastest way to succeed is to pick one offer and one traffic strategy and focus on getting the right people in front of your offer.

I see so many people struggle when they’re trying to promote their business because they are trying to do everything at once.

The key to success in this business is really mastering one traffic method and as Matt always told me “Steven all traffic mediums are great – just learn one.” and that as stuck with me to today.

People ask me all the time whats the key to success in MOBE but what I’ve discovered is that being successful in MOBE is actually very very easy! All you have to do is really learn and master one traffic method to get the right people in front of your offer.

Here’s a great example..

I just finished 1st place in the WiFi Millionaire contest and won by over 600 points above second place.

I did NOT send a single email to my already existing list..

I did NOT leverage my credibility when trying to make sales…

I started FROM SCRATCH to prove that you can get consistent sales (and I was getting as many as 20 MTTBs/day) from COLD TRAFFIC, with NO list NO blog NO following NO connections!

I used one optin page that went directly to the WiFi Millionaire affiliate link.

Ad > optin > wifi millionaire

That’s it! And all up I believe I had 450 book sales and 135 system sales from a $9,000 ad spend… That breaks down to $67 per MTTB.

Then for the most recent HBS in Los Angeles, I spent $6,000 and made back over $42,000 in commissions.

I finished with 4 silvers, 4 titaniums, 2 platinums, and 1 diamond sale.

The reason I’m able to get these kinds of results is because I have developed my skills for one specific traffic method so that I’m able to get the right people to see my offer.

In the last 7 days I’ve earned $42,085 in MOBE commissions but if all of my sales were actually showing and the balances were paid I would be around $63,000 for the last 7 days.

The best thing about it is – I’m no different then you. I started from scratch almost 2 years ago but I went “ALL IN” and I decided that no matter what happens I’m going to make this business work.

Even with the success I’ve had in MOBE I still spend a good chunk of my time giving back and helping others reach their success.

In fact – the students I’ve worked with have made over $220K + in commissions since I worked with them through the mentorship program.

And…. I want to help you too 🙂

So… here’s 2 pieces of advice that you can use TODAY to start making big commissions (these 2 pieces of advice alone are a ‘mindset shift’ that took me 2 years to discover, but the pay offs have been ridiculous)

1. You NEED to spend money on advertising. Period. Matt talks about this a lot, but I always see people trying to get away with spending as little as possible, or trying free advertising methods… this stuff WILL NOT produce fast results!

As you see from my example, I spent $6,000 to promote the LA IMF event and that produced $42,000!!! Thats a 7-8x return. You can get those results too, but you need to set aside an ad budget to work with and be willing to spend some money on paid ads (if you’re doing it the right way you’ll never be wasting a cent)

2. ***This is HUGE! You need to have a TRAFFIC SOURCE that is congruent with your FUNNEL. Now… what does this mean?

Well… some sales funnels are designed for solo ads, some are designed for blog posts, some are designed for banner ads, and some are designed for Facebook ads.

If you tried using a sales funnel that was designed for solo ads on Facebook, it just wouldn’t work. When I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and looking at funnels that other people are using, I see this happen every single day.

And of course they don’t get results! You NEED to have your traffic source CONGRUENT with your sales funnel. There really isn’t a one size fits all funnels.

Don’t know how to make a sales funnel? Clickfunnels is very very easy and lets you make simple funnels that produce crazy results.

And you’re also probably thinking… “But Steve I have the MOBE affiliate links and those funnels, will those work?”

The short answer is YES… they are very very good and can work for most things (solo ads, blog posts, etc) but DO NOT work on Facebook ads because Facebook has very strict guidelines and they prefer everything to be custom built.

So if you want to try what I’m doing FACEBOOK ADS + CLICKFUNNELS FUNNEL don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy or have never wrote sales copy, that stuff doesn’t matter as much. Clickfunnels makes it very easy.


I want you to decide right now that you’re going to go “ALL IN”.

If you’re going to make 2017 your best year yet, comment:

“I’M ALL IN!!!”

… below this video. And put down how much you want to make this year down to the penny….

Let’s all hold each other accountable!

Excited for your success,

Steven Bransfield

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