Sonja Herrington is a baby boomer lady from Texas. She has made $4450 from the internet. In this video she explains that how she did it with one of the quality traffic source?

Sonja has started her online business with MOBE from her home with just the WiFi connection and a laptop.

The interesting thing is that she has made $4450 in commissions from just one single customer!

Yes, right. Just one single customer and she made this much of commissions. This is the power of promoting high ticket products online. While most of the people promote products between the price range of $10-99, Sonja chose to sell high ticket products having price point of more than $2000.

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Today many baby boomers like Sonja from all around the world are making full time income online from their online business with MOBE. MOBE has created several success stories and top earners upto now.  You can too start your own online business from home and start earning like Sonja from the internet.

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