MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has announced the results of WiFi Millionaire Contest. These are the top 15 winners of the contest.

Steven Bransfield wins the WiFi Millionaire contest with first position. He has won the ultimate branding experience and 7 nights all expense paid holiday in MOBE’s Costa Rica resort. Matt Lloyd will pick him in Limousine to the Costa Rica resort.

Here is the message of Matt Lloyd about this contest.

All up we had over 1,850 sales of the ebook.

Close to 1/4 of them were brought in by the person who won the contest (see who at that link above).

A LOT of people were able to generate a commission promoting this offer.

And now the back-end sales are starting to come in as well.

Thanks to everyone who participated. I appreciate all of the hard work you do supporting and promoting MOBE.

Here are the Winners of this contest.

15: Mike Williams & Mike Antoni – 21 Points – Million Dollars MOBE Earners

14: Corina Downiw (Australia) – 24 Points

13: Tim Donovan – Million Dollars MOBE Earner – 29 Points

12: Sue & Jerry Smart – Multiple 6 figure earners (Australia) – 33 Points

11: Zack Carter – 34 Points – Multiple 6 figure earner of MOBE

10: Richard Takemura – MOBE Mentor – 37 Points

09: Chris & Susan Beesley (UK) – 45 Points

08: Ewen Chia (Singapor) – 43 Points

07: Darren Salkeld – Million Dollars MOBE Earner – 67 Points

06: Tim Atkinson – 69 Points

05: Shaqir Hussyin (London) – 85 Points – Multi-millionaire MOBE Earner

04: Shakul Gupta – 87 Points

03: Venkata & Harpal – 172 Points

02: John Chow – 224 Points – Multi-millionaire MOBE earners

01: Steven Bransfield – 674 Points – MOBE’s Marketing assistant

The above people come from different kind of backgrounds. People like Shaqir Hussyin and Steven Bransfield are the college dropouts. However, still they have made fortunes from MOBE. You can also start your online business with MOBE and start earning full time income online by working part time on the internet from your home.

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