MOBE founder Matt Lloyd is right now in Fiji. Two days he started flying from Kuala lumpur to Singapore and then to Fiji. According him as shown in the above snaps,

This is what’s in Fiji (48 Acres Island property shown in above pic). Going to meet with banks to see what financing they have. Getting closer to setting the deal – been 9 months since my first talks with them.

Matt Lloyd is planning to acquire 48 acres island property in Fiji for MOBE’s future live mastermind events. He is already negotiating the final deal for this property since past few months. He had also submitted the final offer to acquire Fiji Island.

Unfortunately, he missed the flight to Fiji from Singapore as he was busy doing Skype. It cost him $5000!

Brisbane. Supposed to be in Fiji right now. Missed flight so had toreroute through Australia. $5000 mistake because I was distracted answering Skype messages and lost track of time!

Previously Matt Lloyd has posted the drone picture of the Fiji island which was awesome.

Finally he had arrived to Fiji just Yesterday and went to visit the 48 acres island property via Speed boat.

You can see in the above pics that how beautiful view of this island property far away from the speed bot? The above pics shows the island property that he is planning to acquire right now and negotiating the deal for it.

The above are the pics he posted from the Fiji island. You can see the brekafast view from the beach. The water is crystal clear.

The above pics are showing the small little turtles on the island of Fiji. They are really cute little turtles found on Fiji island.

The above are the few more pics of the Island. According to Matt Lloyd, it takes about 20 minutes to complete its beach side walk of the island.

According to him there are around 300 islands around Fiji. The above pics show where last time he stayed in Fiji. The one night rental of those beautiful looking huts is $1000!

Matt is going via Speed boat to inspect more island around it.

In just few years Matt has made MOBE to multi-million dollars business empire. Today thousands of people from all around the world are successfully doing online business with MOBE. If you also want to start your online business then you should join MOBE.

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