iDotComLifeStyle.com is a blog about living the ultimate dot com lifestyle and making money online while traveling the world.

I am an online entrepreneur since early 2008. Since early 2008, I have developed several successful online businesses. Later on I have sold many of them for mid 5 to 6 figures.

Right now, I am traveling the world while making money online from my internet businesses.

Dot com lifestyle means,

  1. Time Freedom
  2. Money Freedom &
  3. Location Freedom

Since my college days, I did not like the idea of working for full 30 years in the corporate world, live paycheck to paycheck, retire with financial freedom and then travel the world and fulfil your dreams after the age of 60 when you retire.

Rather, I wanted to fulfill my dreams in my 20s and 30s. I wanted to travel the world in my young age.

And this is the reason why I have started my online businesses.

The first online business I started was a personal finance blog in the early 2008. I used to monetize that blog with AdSense. I used to earn few hundred dollars a month from AdSense by then which was a real descent amount of money.

Later on in mid 2010, I sold that personal finance blog for mid 5 figures (in US $). After that I have started several other niche website businesses and also started promoting affiliate products.

Now a days, I work through systems and teams. I outsource most of my work. I now work less than 2 hours a day while traveling the world and sell the high ticket affiliate products (Products worth more than $2,000 price point).

Basically, I have now separated my time with the income with the help of my online businesses.

In this blog, I will share my traveling experiences as well as how I make money online while traveling the world and how you can too setup your online business and start traveling the world and start living a dot com lifestyle just like me where you will have the ultimate time, money and location freedom.

So stay tuned with me and my upcoming blog Posts.

Happy Dot Com Lifestyle!

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